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Our Mission

We are shooting instructors with two goals:

1) To train you to your highest possible level of defensive/combat shooting skill.

2) To establish the innovative and revolutionary Turnipseed Technique as the finest method of defensive shooting, bar none.

Defensive shooting is often described as the Combat Triad:

Combat Triad

Our specialty is Shooting Skill, or more specifically, to teach you to shoot at the highest possible level. Our classes focus on shooting technique. This is what makes our classes different. Other school’s basic classes do not teach you a specific body position. We do. Other advanced classes primarily run you through various drills, which are fine, but they do not teach shooting technique. We teach a specific technique using a natural, balanced, and relaxed posture that makes shooting more comfortable and thus makes it easier to hit your target. Technique is the foundation by which we will get you to achieve your goal of effective self-defense.

The Turnipseed Technique is the Next-Generation shooting technique. It will enable you to perform at a whole level above conventional shooting methods. The primary purpose of the rest of this website is to show and explain more about these capabilities.

Shooting skill or ability is generally regarded as the least important component of the Combat Triad. One of the reasons for this is that the first purpose of Mindset and Tactics is to avoid any altercation. If you are successful, it will not be necessary for you to use your firearm, which is the last and least desirable option.

However, if you are ever trapped in a bona-fide self-defense situation, you will want to perform at the highest level possible. Failure will likely lead to your death and to the death or serious injury of your loved ones. Failure is not an option! The Turnipseed Technique is your answer.

There are excellent shooting schools that place their emphasis on Mindset. We do stress the Color Codes of Awareness, which is an essential element of Mindset, but elaborating on mindset is not our focus or reason for being.

We do not explicitly teach Tactics. Our focus is to teach you to shoot (technique), which will be the foundation of your defensive capability, a reliable last resort. Learn to shoot first (technique) before you learn tactics, which is simply the common sense application of your capabilities to the situation. Do not put the cart before the horse. What good are superior tactics if you cannot hit what you are shooting at under stress? And, when tactics fail, you will need to fall back on your shooting skill.

We emphasize this point. Learn to ice skate before you play hockey. Learn to swim before you play water polo. Learn how to shoot first (technique) before you play tactics, drills, games and scenarios. We will ground you in solid shooting technique.

After learning the Turnipseed Technique, we encourage you to check out other schools to see what they have to offer. When well versed in technique first, you'll get much more out of their various drills when you go to these schools. Many also do an excellent job on Mindset and Tactics and are well worth attending . But, none of them have the Turnipseed Technique. They cannot perform our lifesaving shooting techniques (capabilities such as extreme close-quarters HipShoot while continuously moving, which is essential to realistic self-defense). The Turnipseed Action Video shows some of what we can teach you to do, and no one else has a video like this.

When they make their claims, simply say: “show me your video!” Then, compare it with ours. The buck stops here!

The Turnipseed Technique is the Platinum Standard of close-quarters defensive shooting, where 80% of real incidents go down. This is a matter of life or death, your life or death. Do not compromise your training. Do not be short-changed. Only the best will do.

Regarding Tactics, our position is:

The Situation Demands the Action
The scenario + your capabilities = Tactics
When your capabilities increase, your tactical options multiply, exponentially!
The Turnipseed Technique will increase your capabilities to an entire level above anything else
because it truly is the Next-Generation shooting technique.
It will expand your tactical options, improve your effectiveness and enhance your survival!
The Turnipseed Technique is the Unfair Advantage!
It’s not for everyone,...only for those who want the best.

Features of the Turnipseed Technique

As a martial art, we have only one fundamental move, or more specifically, one stance. The Turnipseed Basic Stance is based on a natural, balanced, and relaxed posture and on the natural constants of the human body. It is the foundation for all advanced techniques. Your body will become a stable yet dynamic and mobile shooting platform.

1) One technique for pistol, rifle, shotgun and sub-machinegun. Practice with one enhances all.

2) Full 360 degree application and movement while shooting effectively.
a) Going up and down stairs.
b) Lying down and maneuvering on the ground.
c) Mobility; walking through running.
d) Do not need to be static to make an effective shot.

3) HipShoot addresses the 0 to 5 foot “death zone” of engagement, which no other technique has solved. 50% of fatal shooting incidents occur within 5 feet!

4) Unparalleled retention in the “death zone,” based on martial arts body mechanics and movement.

5) Unmatched recoil management. “Recoil” becomes almost a non-issue, allowing accurate rapid-fire.

6) Relaxation. All other shooting methods "muscle" the gun. Why? Because of recoil. Guns kick! So they tense up in anticipation of recoil. But, examine any other physical activity such as all Olymipic sports. Muscle relaxation is an essential aspect of their technique, just as it is with the Turnipseed Technique -the true martial art of the gun.

7) Strength. We use the skeletal structure of the human body for strength. Proper body mechanics means being both strong and relaxed at the same time. How? Technique. One of the benefits of our technique is unmatched recoil management. (Our new book, Martial Art of the Gun, is a detailed presentation and explaination of the Turnipseed Technique.)

8) Effective night (low light) shooting without a flashlight, and without gimmicks. Keep it simple!

9) Easy to learn because it uses excellent body mechanics and the natural constants of the human body, including body indexing.

10) Performance is not related to size, strength or gender – Attention Women!!!

11) You will fight the way you train, on autopilot. If superior technique is your foundation, you will have the Unfair Advantage.

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