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Video Clips of TT in Action

These 30 Second Video Clips can be viewed in Windows Media Player, QuickTime or Real Player.

Please note that these videos will take a moment or two before they begin playing. If you have a DSL connection to the internet, the videos should begin playing in about 10-15 seconds. If you are using a 56K modem, please expect a delay of approximately 2 minutes before a video begins. 

Thank you for your patience. What you will see is IMPOSSIBLE with conventional shooting methods.  If any shooting instructors or schools could do what you see in these Video Clips, they would have their own video out and be telling you ALL about it in a heartbeat!  But, they don’t, because they can’t. 

Our video has been out since September 1999, but they won’t mention us, or our video, because they consider us to be interlopers encroaching on their “turf.”  Turf war?  Their resistance to innovation and change could cost lives…YOUR LIFE?  If there is a better way to shoot, wouldn't YOU want to learn it?  Is protecting their turf worth more than your life?

Virtually everyone in the industry will tell you this. 
In the stress, chaos and confusion of a real gunfight, you will not be able to think. You will revert to your training and function on auto-pilot, provided that you have trained enough.  If the lifesaving capabilities of the Turnipseed Technique are your foundation, you will have the Unfair Advantage in the righteous cause of saving your life.


Turnipseed Firearms Training
3298 N Glassford Hill Rd #104-164
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-1294


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Close-quarters Defense
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Recoil Management,
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Full Auto
Full Auto
.308 Full Auto on one leg
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